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Kids Halloween Cookie Decorating Class!

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Come and join the fun! In these classes we will be decorating cookies and they are all Halloween designs! These classes are for ages 13 & under. Please note that this class is designed for those wanting to learn the in depth art of cookie decorating with little to no experience. 

Class Schedule:

Oct  15th 1130am to 1pm - Beginners Class

Oct. 15th 130pm to 3pm - Beginners Class

Oct. 15th 330pm to 5pm - Beginners Class


Class Description:

This is a Beginners Class - No experience is necessary! We will show you how to use the tools provided to decorate your very own cookies. We will decorate 6 Halloween themed cookies to take home. Cait's Bites & Beanery is our host location for the class. Any food or drink purchases can be made to our host directly. 

 **Price shown is per student. Registration available online only. All students 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for our Kids Classes where applicable. No students 13 and under may be left unattended for any Kids class when applicable. If you are bringing more than one under 13 student, each student participating must be registered and accompanied by a minimum of one adult. 

***Please note that all cookies are made with flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, butter, icing sugar, meringue powder and food colouring. May contain traces of nuts, soy, milk and other common allergens. Classes must be paid in full to register. Drop in is not permitted. Class participants must abide by the PHO set forth by the province. In the event that classes have less than 4 participants, class fees will be refunded and the class rescheduled. In the event the class is sold out, MAX. 8 students per class, we will consider adding more dates to be announced.