Well hey there 2023!

Well hey there 2023!

Hey Cookie Lovers! Mia here! I haven't written since our return in June of 2022 and thought.... maybe I should update you on what's going on and what I'm doing between all that time I was gone! 


Ready for a novel? SO much to catch up on! I will keep my weekly posts shorter I promise! 


Where do I even start!? As many of of you know, and for those of you who dont know, in August of 2021 the boyfriend and I purchased a vintage 36 foot sailboat and left for some adventures. The sea was calling and we spent 6 months travelling along the coast of Vancouver Island until the winter seas were too dangerous to navigate. 


We visited some amazing places during that time, met some amazing people, reconnected with family and as the warmer months were creeping up again, life on the island was getting touristy and peopley again - the quieter paced nature driven life is what we ultimately found we were craving..... along with a a cheaper cost of living!


Since my 2 year Buisiness-versary was coming up in June we thought this would be the best time to come back and for me to re-open in PG. 


What an amazing adventure to be able to travel and then come back not only to share our adventures but to see how much your little ones have grown, the life changes our customers have been through and overall just catching up, because it really does feel like family. 


Upon my return and re-launch here in PG there's been SO many changes not just in my personal life but with the business and SO much more coming down the pipes in 2023 as I am that much closer to my business goals and it really is all thanks to each and every one of my customers. 


So whats new? Here's the update for 2023:

I've brought classes back and not just for Halloween and Christmas like I did at the tail end of 2022. Valentine's Day classes are open for registration now and I will be adding Easter Classes by the end of February. I am considering adding St. Patricks Day classes, but I have found in past years, PG hasnt done a whole lot for St. Patricks so I am on the fence with this one. We shall see how things go for the Valentine's Day classes and I hope to get feedback from my students on which they are more interested in. 

Up next - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! I can't disclose JUST yet, but I have been working on this for almost a year. I am SO excited and have my fingers crossed I can launch this product line in February at the Roll a Dome Event on February 11th & 12th 2023. STAY TUNED!


Changes to schedule. If you haven't had a chance yet to check the current availability on the websites custom cookie form you will notice a reduction in dates. Over the last 2 years I admit Cookie Fam, I haven't been taking care of myself. 2023 is the year I have made a promise to myself to fix that. In order to do this for myself and my family, I need to scale my schedule back a bit. I need to undo some of the damage I have done to my body with unhealthy eating habits, horrible insomnia and the list goes on. This doesn't mean that you cant still order custom cookies, all this means is that ordering in advance will have changed from a minimum of 5 days to 15 and only select dates will be available as I need to coincide these dates with the workload I have with public events. 


Speaking of which, as I have event help this year I am planning to do a lot more events this year compared to previous years so that I can continue to expand the business ere in PG as well as other local communities. Having the extra set of hands will free up some of my time to focus on the expansion and in turn be able to grow! That having been said, be sure to check out the event calendar as this is where I make those updates regularly and also announce on the social medias. 


We will be working with a few local cafes and businesses this year so our products can be available in other places in town other than custom orders as well. Stay tuned for details on this as I finalize options with local businesses. 


What else can I update you on? I feel like there's so much to do even now as I write this to update everyone, and yet my poor brain is drawing a blank as to what else I can update everyone at the moment! 


Then I guess I will touch base next week with another, but brief, update!