WOW! What a week!

WOW! What a week!

Well I'm glad to report that it didn't take long for the website issue to be fixed, but it was a stressful go regardless. 

Samples have been posted and I cant wait to get all the upcoming custom orders and designs I have slated for the Valentines Day Bazaar on the 11th & 12th of February! 


The Valentine's Day designs are one of my favourite themes to do because there's SO many different ones that I can do for the International Day of Love, Singles Awareness Day etc... 


I'll be working on those in the near future for the event and of course posting some of the custom work I have been doing as of late in-between all the blog posts. 


Next on the monthly list of goals... oh gosh where do I start!? I have what feels like a bazillion things to get done before January is done. Like book my spaces for the Spring events as well as get my taxes done (ugh... boring adulting stuff) Finalizing contractual agreements ith local businesses to carry our cookies which I am SUPER excited about and look forward to completing those tasks. 


For those of you who have been coming to my classes, you know that I have been making plans to add more classes this year which I hope to tackle this month for upcoming Spring classes, like my Easter classes. I also am exploring the option of adding a Birthday Booking option on the website. It is in the infancy stages of planning but I am working on it. 


This Spring I will be bringing back some favourite flavours from years prior such as my Lemon Lavender cookies and the Vanilla Maple. Keep an eye out on social media for those announcements. 


Speaking of announcements.... I feel like I should do another giveaway soon. It feels overdue. I'm thinking for March... kind of a St. Patrick's, Luck of the Irish kind of thing? What do you think?