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Mothers Day Market May 11th & 12th 2024
Contract & Rules

Indemnification & Insurance: You are solely responsible for any injuries, accidents, or losses which may be sustained as a result of your vending operations at the Mothers Day Market. The Mothers Day Market Team, The Roller Dome, or any partner shall have no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by your activities. You are responsible for your own liability insurance. By participating in the event, you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless any of the aforementioned parties from any damages, lawsuits, or claims arising out of any injuries or accidents occasioned by your activities. If you require insurance, Duuo offers affordable vendor insurance. Visit:

Setup: On Friday May 10th (Mothers Day Market) 3pm to 7pmSet up may also be done on May 10th & 11th starting at 8am. You must be ready to go by 9:45am as doors open at 10am.

Mothers Day Market
Set up: Friday May 10th - 3pm to 7pm
Set Up: Saturday May 11th - 8am to 9:45am
Set Up: Sunday May 12th - 8am to 9:45pm
Tear Down: Sunday May 12th - 4pm to 6pm**

**Vendors who begin tear down early may not be invited to future events. It is a safety concern for our customers and disruptive to their shopping experience in addition to your fellow vendors. 

Maps will be sent out 2 days before the event. 
**Tables are not included with your booth space fees** If you have paid for a table, it will be set up in your spot for you. If you have paid for a table and do not see it on arrival, please contact me right away.
**Power is not included with your booth space fees** If you have requested power, please make sure to bring your own extension cord and multi plug port. Some vendors may need to share power supply as there is limited access in the building.
Breakdown will happen as soon as the show ends at 4:00 pm on the Sunday. Vendors who take down early may not be added to future events. You will need to have all your product cleared out by 7:00 pm. You are not to leave any garbage, boxes, etc. behind. 

Security: The Roller Dome is securely locked up during the closed hours. The Mothers Day Market Team, The Roller Dome, or any partner shall not be responsible for any stolen, lost, or damaged items of equipment or personal belongings. You shall be solely responsible for the protection and safeguarding of valuables and release the aforementioned parties from any losses or damage to your property. Please handle your affairs as you deem appropriate with respect to protecting your equipment and belongings. 

General Provisions & Fees: We reserve the right to deny any application without explanation. Only one seller from each MLM will be able to book. All vending fees are due in full upon acceptance. These are Non-Refundable unless we are required to cancel the event. Your application is not accepted until the fees are paid in full. We will be accepting cash, cheques made out to Marissa Clement, or e-transfers made to with messages that include your name, your booth name, and what booth you are paying for. This is an auto-deposit email address, so no password needed. Please keep your order confirmation handy - it will always be located in your Just Sugar Cookies online account for access 24/7. 

Fees cover both days and do not include tables or power.
Center Rows 10x3  $125
Wall Space 10x10 $150
Corner Space 10x15 $175

Prizes: Each vendor is strongly encouraged to have a giveaway/contest at their own booth/table for customers to enter, in lieu of tickets being handed out by each vendor for door prizes/gift baskets. There is no minimum dollar value for your contest. Vendors who participate and notify event organizers prior to the event will have their prizes/contest details featured on the event page in rotation with other vendors participating. 

Disclaimer: We do not require a Criminal Record check to be apart of this event. If you sign this document, you are declaring that you able to attend this event with no restrictions. Vendors shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits, and for complying with all safety, health, and fire codes. Your acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree with the information, rules, fees and regulations contained within this application and will pay the appropriate fees in accordance with the above rules and regulations. 

Businesses List - 2024 Mothers Day Market

We will be limiting types of vendors for events to ensure a wide range of products and services for our customers. This includes MLMs (one rep per company only).

If there is an MLM company listed - we have a rep confirmed already for this event.

Categories marked *FULL* we have vendors for this category but do have a waitlist - if you would like to be put on our waitlist please email - subject line: Waitlist for (name of event)


Clothing - Kids/Babies

Clothing - Adults/Teens

Food & Beverage

Home Decor

Pottery & Housewares

Bath & Beauty

Health & Wellness

Pet Supplies/Accessories

Home Decor



Jewelry /Accessories



MLMs already registered:





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